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GPS Control Segment is the first GPS support with many stations to support GPS. Including Falcon Air Force, Diego Garcia and Kwajalein Colorado Springs, Ascension Island, and Hawaii. all the stations are the eyes and ears for the which GPS can be operated by the controller GPS. All the signals emitted by the satellites continue to be received and Inspected by the GPS control section and then sent back satellites are then sent back by the satellites to the tracker / tracking roomates users have.GPS Space Segment satellite is a very large network consisting of many circular orbit with an altitude of 20 183 km above the earth's surface. The GPS satellite signals can pass through clouds and plastic but glass particles have a very small and invisible to the eye that can not be seen with the naked eye. But the GPS signals can not penetrate solid particles such as walls, therefore if we find a disruption of GPS signals as Pone hand in trying to be outside the building density is very tight. GPS User Segment is the the data from the satellite receiver via a radio signal that is filtered first by the GPS control section the which consists of an antenna and a receiver processor speed and punctuality with fast, precise and accurate. Thus Spake post my article about the GPS navigation signal system may be Able to gain knowledge about the understanding of GPS, GPS function and purpose of the GPS. For more details you can download Other Articles on other websites. Thank you

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